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We specialise in servicing all bicycle types and brands, from that 15K Trek Madone SLR to your rusty retro shed-occupier.

Years Servicing
1 +
Servicing Plans

PRO level servicing features in your local bike shop

Discount -10%






Discount -20%



Branded Parts Only

Any parts required with a service will be at an extra charge.

30 Days Warranty

You have the right to return your bike for re-work within 30 days.

Loyalty Discount

Long term customers get extra discount on servicing.

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What you say about us

Your local mechanical support crew

Servicing and repair rates are based on the job, not on the time, and parts are charged on top without extra fitting fees.

The Workshop

Our workshop (equipped with - without exaggeration - the latest and most high-tech tools available), our fully trained staff, and our reliable part suppliers, will offer you top-class servicing.


Drop your bike in anytime for any fault. We will immediately assess the bike and agree on repair work that needs to be done, and phone you when the job is done – most of the repairs are completed on the same day.

Custom Build

Have us build, tune, and deliver your dream bike. You can order a custom build with us, we will advise on options, but you can also bring us any bike in its box and we will professionally assemble it for you.


Bicycles, like all machines, need to be maintained or a regular basis. Safety check, brake adjustment, mechanical assessment, or just a puncture - no need to book, just come by!

Our Mechanics

The Bike Lads

With all the magic, bits and bobs we have, our qualified and enthusiastic mechanics will elevate your pedalling machine’s health and performance to the next level!